Danny Jelaca has been recognized as one of Miami’s top celebrity hairstylists for over two decades. Through his creative skills, Jelaca has styled the most notable names in fashion including Naomi Campbell, Jennifer Lopez, Adriana Lima and more. Jelaca sat down with Haute Living to...

Prevention Magazine Bad Hair Days Solved!

Prevention: From wayward bangs to lumpy ponytails, these genius fixes from stylist Danny Jelaca will rescue stubborn 'do dilemmas in a snap!
It only takes one pesky lump to ruin a polished pony. Before you put your hair up, brush with a 100% natural boar bristle brush with synthetic reinforcement, says celeb hair stylist and Miami Beach salon owner Danny Jelaca. Natural bristles absorb and distribute natural oils to help smooth bumps and fly-aways. Next, put your hair in a loose ponytail and insert a bobby pin in the base of the ponytail between the elastic and your head. Here’s the secret: Instead of tightening the elastic, twirl the ponytail itself. This tightens the ponytail to your head without making extra bumps. To secure your perfect pony, slide in another bobby pin so that the pins make an X. “If you try to pull the elastic too tight, the lumps will come back up,” Jelaca says.