Danny Jelaca: New Hair Style Hue Do's and Don'ts

Danny Jelaca: New Hair Style Hue Do’s and Don’ts

Making a bold color change can be editing, but Danny Jelaca, Miami Beach salon owner and stylist to stars like Naomi Campbell and Jennifer Lopez, warns that you need to keep a few things in mind so it comes out right.

  1. Don’t go from very light to very dark without having your colorist replace perviously lifted hair pigment. Then, have your color pro use a semi- or demi-permanent color formula. ‘Demi-permanent hair color is ammonia and peroxide-free, so it will cover the lighter hair completely and will only last 4-6 weeks.’ he says.
  2. Avoid trying to cover up gray with a shade thats darker than your natural color – your best bet is going a few shades lighter.
  3. Don’t overlap color. ‘Overlapping ammonia and peroxide is what causes damage, so once you choose a color, stick with it for a few months.’ says Jelaca. Color chameleons like Lindsay Lohan inflict a lot of damage on their strands that takes years to mend.’