Haircut Miami

If a simple haircut can transform your look entirely, imagine what a sophisticated one can do. From simple trims to intricate cuts of locks and bangs, if you want to look your absolute best or want to shake things up, an experienced hairstylist could do that for you – Danny Jelaca is one such celebrity hairstylist.

With his large and elite portfolio, he is the man with the salon to meet all your haircut needs in Miami Beach. Apart from simple cuts, you can also get hair extensions, hair color, color correction, full highlights, and hair treatments done at his hair salon. Book an appointment today to get the hairdo straight from the cover of a celebrity lifestyle magazine. You can also contact the studio to learn about the latest hair trends in Coral Gables, Miami.

Haircut Miami

Things To Remember Before a Haircut Or A Trim at A Salon

Getting a haircut is more than just sitting in a chair while the stylist works their magic. You need to come prepared to have the haircut of your dreams, and before you visit Danny Jelaca’s salon for a luxury haircut or other beauty services, there are certain things to keep in mind. Here are some things to remember before you visit a hair salon for a haircut in Coral Gables.

Decide What You Want

Your hairstylist will have many recommendations for you, but if you want to feel completely confident in your hairstyle, it’s best to decide your expectations beforehand. Hair salons are not the best place to say, “surprise me.” Do your research and decide what kind of haircut you want before you enter the hair salon.

To make sure that the hairstylist does an amazing job, decide on what kind of hairstyle you want. Danny Jelaca’s services can give you the best haircut in Miami, Florida. From styling to hair color, hair treatments, and hair highlights, if there’s any hair salon that can give customers the kind of hair they need, it is Danny’s.

Make Sure the Style is Sustainable

You can get the best hairstyle after visiting a salon, but if you’re not careful about its maintenance, you could lose the hair of your dreams just as quickly. Before you choose a haircut for yourself, ask yourself, will you be able to maintain it?

Consider your lifestyle, daily commute, exercise, and hair washing habits before suggesting a haircut to your stylist. Danny Jelaca’s salon can also provide scalp treatment, coloring services, and other hair treatments to people with all kinds of hair.

Don’t Be Afraid To Speak Up

Experts know best; there’s no doubt about it. However, personal preference is still important. If your hairstylist is styling your hair in a way that you don’t like, speak up. Let them know exactly how you want it. Don’t shy away from making your recommendations known so you don’t end up regretting tour new haircut later. Experienced hairdressers always take clients’ personal preferences into account. Danny’s salon knows what’s best for the client and strives for customer satisfaction always.

Have Faith in Your Hairstylist

Have full faith that your stylist knows what they’re doing. Even after speaking up and making your suggestions, don’t attempt to micromanage them while they are doing your hair. They are experts in the field and have extensive expertise, so they know what they’re doing. If you have any suggestions, feel free to let the hairstylist know. But trust them to do the job you want in Miami.

If you keep these things in mind, you will have the best experience during your haircut. Danny Jelaca’s hair salon provides a host of beauty services in Miami, FL, including spa services, head treatment, hair braids, bleach, highlights, facials, updos, and balayage. You will notice the difference right after your appointment. To learn more about our services, contact us now in Miami.

Why Choose Danny Jelaca In Miami

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Danny Jelaca is an established and passionate celebrity hairstylist in Miami. With a prominent media presence and elite clientele, if you want to receive luxury spa service, balayage, and other hair services in Miami, FL, his hair salon is the best place. His hair salon features the latest equipment and premium spa products. If you don’t want to compromise with quality on any front, schedule an appointment or a consultation with the best hair salon in Miami. Danny stays true to his appointments always. We accept both cash and cards.

Frequently Asked Questions


How much is a haircut in Miami?

In Miami, FL, on average, you can expect a haircut to cost you about $26.33. Although, the price may vary depending upon the kind of haircut you want and the hair salon you visit.

How much is the average haircut in Florida?

In Florida, an average haircut could cost about $49, while a low-end and a high-end haircut could cost about $37 and $60, respectively.

How much do you tip a hairdresser in Miami?

As a general rule of thumb, if you are satisfied with the service of the hairdresser, 20% of the total bill is a good tip.

Is a $5 tip good for a haircut?

For a $20-25 haircut, $5 is a good tip. If you’re confused about how much to tip, calculate 20% of the total service and tip accordingly if you are pleased with the service.

There is no one who knows more about hair than Danny Jelaca. Whether you require haircuts or styling, we can deliver on your expectations.