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Hair Extensions Miami

When you have long hair, you have more options for hairstyles. If you have fine hair or just keep it short most of the time, you might be envious of people with long locks. You may have considered getting hair extensions but wondered if you would have the time to care for them and if they would look real.

Danny Jeleca Salon offers fine extensions that are applied by experienced, trained, and licensed cosmetologists. Mr. Jeleca in Miami himself has applied hair extensions to some of the world’s most famous actresses and models.

Our full-service salon in the state of Miami offers a relaxing atmosphere. Our stylists in Miami are amongst the best in Miami, Florida. The salon will consult with you before they begin their work to pick out the perfect hair extensions for you.

Why Choose Extensions?

Hair extensions are a good option when you have overdone the bleach or experienced breakage, hair loss, or heat damage. Walking around with uneven hair can result in reduced confidence. The hair stylist in a professional salon can install hair extensions to provide the feeling that they have the best hair. Danny Jeleca Salon in Miami, South Florida, is able to give clients their hair goals by offering a variety of hair extensions.

Length and Volume

Hair extensions offer the ability to add length and volume to one’s hair. If installed correctly, you can provide customers in Miami with fuller longer hair, adding length, and a hair extensions salon can provide the hairstyle most have dreamed of.


Whether you opt for natural hair extensions or tape extensions in Miami, many great hair extensions hairstyles could be great for a special occasion or an everyday look. You should choose the best salon in Miami as they could add braids, updos, curls, volume, and, most of all, walk around with the best hair.

Hair Transformation

There comes a time in life when you fancy a complete change, and you know it’s time to visit a salon in Miami. Therefore, sometimes you try makeup, semi-permanent dye, or you experiment with dark colors. Hence, hair extensions could be just what you need. This is especially true if you’ve had the same hair and the same length for a long time. So, if you’re after clip-in hair extensions, sew-in extensions, tape-ins, or looking to get your best hair, you can opt for an entire head of amazing hair extensions; it’s time to book an appointment. If you want to experiment with different hair color and lengths without making a permanent commitment, extensions allow you to do so. You can try out different looks and switch between them as desired.

Do your research to check if your hair extensions salon in Miami will use the best hair extensions. If you have thin hair or healthy hair, hair extension salons could help you decide the best option to express yourself and enhance your overall aesthetic.

Hair Correction

Some people enter the hair salon in Miami after a botched color correction or uneven hair growth. Some may come with bald patches, thinning hair, and other hair issues that can affect their self-esteem. So when they choose a hair salon in Miami, they are looking for the best hair extensions, whether tape-in hair extensions, bonded hair extensions, or keratin extensions, to provide minimal damage. When you experience the best service, you can leave the salon feeling good about yourself.


When you don’t want to wait for your hair to grow or have the urge for longer or fuller hair, you can achieve results with Miami hair extensions without the wait. The best hair extensions are something those who after longer hair in minutes are after. Hair extensions in Miami could be your best bet. Extensions also reduce the time spent as they require minimal effort for daily styling.

It’s important to note that even though they are not your own natural hair, they require proper installation and maintenance. This is because you want to ensure their longevity and minimize damage to natural hair. Consulting with a professional stylist about hair extensions in Miami and following their recommendations is essential. As a result, you can keep your natural hair healthy without ruining the keratin of your hair. They may also suggest which hair products are best for your hair extension.
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What are the different kinds of hair extensions?

Hair extensions are simply synthetic or human hair that attaches to a person’s actual hair by what are called wefts. A weft is a collection of strands of hair that are sewn onto a very thin patch of cloth. Extensions make your hair longer and give you more options for styles. Hairstylists use several different types of extensions, including sew-ins, tape-ins, bonded extensions, keratin bond extensions, real hair extensions, and keratin tip extensions.

Clip Extensions

Clip-in extensions are generally attached to the hair with silicone, although the clips may be made out of another type of fabric. People who do their hair often use these kinds of extensions. They are easy to use as you simply clip them right onto your hair.

Although they are easy to use and less expensive, it is always a good idea to have a professional in Miami put them in for you if you want to look your best. It takes a trained eye to configure these clips perfectly.

Clip extensions are less damaging than other extensions because no chemicals are used, and they are easily removed. They are best for a hairstyle you want to have for a night out or special occasions.

Tape-in Hair Extensions

Tape extensions are attached to the root of the hair. Tape-in hair extensions are attached on either side with tape or glue and the use of a heat tool. It would be extremely difficult for a person to put in this type of extension themselves. A trained extension specialist can attach tape extensions to your hair and make them look beautiful and natural.

You should be aware that these tape extensions will have to be removed by a professional using a heat gun as well. Hairstylists can ensure that a minimum amount of damage is done in the process.

Microlink Hair Extensions

Microlink extensions are put in by attaching small wefts of the extension hair to your hair with tiny silicone beads. An extension specialist will use a tool to tighten the weft to your hair.

Putting in microlink extensions is a highly intricate process that takes two to three hours. Not only do you need a professional to put them in, but they should be as talented as the stylists that you will find at our salon. These extensions can damage the natural hair if they are not installed and removed perfectly. Microlink hair extensions are versatile and flexible. They are different from other extensions as the hair extensions do not require heat, glue, or chemicals. This makes this option softer on the hair. The beads or loops used in micro link extensions are very lightweight for any hair extension. This type of hair extension is customizable to the client’s desired color, and length, and makes it a personalized option.

Weave or Sew in Hair Extensions

When a person gets a weave, the hair will first have to be braided in cornrows. The hair extension will then be sewn into the hair with a needle and thread. This is not recommended for thin or fine hair, as the hair extensions can be rather heavy.

It takes several hours to do a weave, and it takes a skilled and steady hand to make a weave look natural. However, the results can be beautiful when the hair is matched perfectly. A weave is permanent and will grow naturally with your hair.

Natural Versus Synthetic Hair Extensions

Hair extensions can be made from both natural and synthetic hair. Each type of extension has advantages and disadvantages.

Human Hair Extensions

Human hair extensions are natural-looking and very soft to the touch. Hair extensions move with your hair, and they will not wear it down.

Depending on the type of hair extension you get, wefts made of natural hair can last for years. You can style this kind of hair any way you want, and you can color it just like your own hair. The texture of the hair should be easy to match with your own. People with very different textures of hair sell their hair to extension makers.

You will not have as much tangling with regular hair as you will with hair extensions, as the cuticle will all go in the same direction.

Natural hair needs to be maintained just like your own hair. Any one of our trained professional hairstylists can help you maintain a beautiful-looking style while you have your extensions in and after you have them taken out.
Photo of Hairdresser Matching Hair Extensions

Synthetic Hair Extensions

Synthetic hair extensions are a less expensive option than real hair. They are generally created from nylon. They are made in a factory and baked into a certain texture, such as curly or wavy.

The best thing about synthetic hair extensions is that they will retain their look. You can wash the hair extensions many times and go out in every kind of weather, and they will not go flat.

You cannot change the style or color of synthetic extensions. If you try to use a curling iron on them, you will destroy them. They only last a few months, and they are not as natural-looking as real hair.

Keratin Extensions

Keratin extensions are often human hair. You may think that keratin hair extensions are a new type of hair extensions. However, they are not new to the scene, even in Miami.

Keratin extensions are bonded extensions. They are a type of hair extension where you need to enter a salon to fit them. Keratin is a protein found in human hair. When in the hair, they create a seamless and natural look. The stylist uses a keratin-based adhesive to attach the extensions in rows. By placing them in small sections using heated keratin bonds, it melts, and the extensions are in. By attaching them in this way, they are long-lasting, secure and allow for freedom of movement and versatility in styling.

Keratin hair extensions add length and volume to natural hair. They make a good choice for those looking to enhance their hairstyle. Keratin hair extensions can last several months, making them popular as they are a semi-permanent hair extension option. If you’re looking for a hair extension that will be durable and semi-permanent, then keratin extensions are a good option when visiting a salon.

What kind of extension is right for you?

The perfect extensions for you will depend upon your hair, budget, and the look you want. You might also want to consider how long you are planning to wear them.

When you come into the hair extensions salon for your appointment in Miami, your stylist will go over each option with you. They will make recommendations and explain why they feel they are the best choice, but the ultimate decision will be yours.

Having beautiful hair can make you feel more confident. Hair extensions will give you more ways to express your fabulous style. Give us a call and make your appointment today for the hair extension of your choice.