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How to get Hair like a celebrity?

Many celebrities are known for their beautiful and often striking hairstyles. Given this fact, many people wonder how they can achieve the same kind of hairstyle. It might seem impossible at first, but there are many different tricks that celebrities use to achieve sleek and shiny hair.

Use hair products to your advantage

There are a wide variety of different hair products on the market. Some are for producing smooth hair, others are intended to keep your hair soft. Some products are for fine hair and others are for thick hair. Some products like heat protection products, hair spray, and hair growth products are self-explanatory. Others like hair masks are not as widely known and can be a bit confusing. In this section, we’ll discuss some hair products and what you should and shouldn’t use to achieve healthy hair.

To begin we’ll discuss hair masks and how to use them effectively to keep your celebrity style from morning until night. A hair mask is a product that fortifies your hair to prevent breakage or split ends. Many professionals recommend using a hair mask before a workout, as the salt from your sweat can cause dry hair, leaving your scalp needing some extra moisturizing to retain your natural oils.

Next, we’ll touch on the benefits of heat protection products. Whether you blow dry, use a curling iron, or other heated tools, using any heat on your hair without a heat protectant can lead to heat damage and frizzy hair. This is especially true of using heat on damp hair, as the wet strands can be dried out too much and lead to breakage or split ends. It is recommended to use medium heat and a heat protection product to avoid any of these potential problems.

Based on your hair type, you might want to use different oils to help add extra shine and keep your red carpet look. You could use oils like jojoba oil to reduce frizz and split ends, coconut oil before shampooing to moisturize your hair and scalp, or olive oil to reduce and repair hair breakage.

You should consider adding one or more of these products to your beauty regime to get your hair closest to how you want it to look without the help of a stylist. Using these products with shampoo and conditioner that’s optimal for your hair type will have you looking like a celebrity in no time.

Consider washing your hair less

At first, this may seem like an odd idea to most people. Shouldn’t you wash your hair every day to make sure it stays clean and healthy? Well, most stylists agree that you should wash your hair only a few times a week. This allows your hair to retain its natural oils and its natural moisture.

Believe it or not, refraining from washing your hair every day can leave the body and roots of your hair looking shiny and healthy. Shampoo can strip your hair of natural oils at the base near your scalp. Because of this, your hair can overproduce oils and end up leaving your locks appearing greasy.

In order to prevent excess oil in between washes you should avoid touching your hair or head with your fingers, as doing so can deposit oil from your skin onto your hair. This can make your hair look too greasy in between washes.

To resolve the issue of excessive oil in your hair between washes, your stylist may recommend using a salt spray. A salt spray can not only help your hair to look less oily before your next wash, but it can also give you a fresh from-the-beach look with added volume to your hair.

Caring for dyed hair

Dyeing your hair is one of the fastest ways to cause damage. Hair dye and hair bleach can dry out your hair and leave it fried. While continuous dyeing will eventually lead to hair damage over time, there are a few steps you can take to reduce any potential damage.

One trick you can use is adding a bit of artificial sweetener to your hair dye as the color develops. Believe it or not, this secret ingredient actually helps to protect your scalp from irritation and can reduce the overall damage to your hair caused by dyeing it.

Another tactic you should use is moisturizing your hair when it’s been colored. You should do this twice a day whenever you’re doing your skincare routine to help your dyed hair stay hydrated and healthy. Applying just a couple of drops of hair oil to the middle part of your hair at the scalp will help keep your hair silky smooth.

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