Miranda Kerr Hairstyles

Back in 2019, Danny Jelaca had the honor of styling Miranda Kerr’s hair. This was an experience that led to Danny Jelaca describing Miranda Kerr as “so fabulous.” While every experience that Danny has with his celebrity clients is special to him, this experience was notable as there’s nothing in the world like working on a model.

Danny Jelaca feels especially lucky when a client as beautiful as Miranda Kerr enters his salon. His favorite clients are the ones who he can emphasize the beauty of since it does his heart good to help someone feel beautiful. This comes especially easy when the client in question is a supermodel who doesn’t need much to achieve her highest standard of beauty. Still, Danny Jelaca is a celebrity hairstylist who excels at bringing out the natural beauty in his clients and making them feel like royalty.

Working with a model, especially one of Miranda’s caliber, is an experience unlike any other. Danny Jelaca enjoyed working with her on what she wanted to achieve with her hair. No matter what her goals are, Danny Jelaca is more than capable of helping her meet her expectations. Working with a celebrity client such as Miranda Kerr means that Danny Jelaca gets to stretch his skills and go all out on the styling of her hair.

Danny Jelaca has expertise not only in Miranda Kerr’s hair but in all things hair and can cut and style anyone and leave them looking and feeling great. His brand is focused primarily on women because Danny Jelaca loves working on women’s hair and is always confident that they will leave his salon with a smile on their face and confidence in their step.


Miranda Kerr has gone on record saying that she has fine hair that requires special volumizing shampoo to keep its beauty intact. When using this shampoo, she’s stated that her hair only gets slightly oily before a wash and remains shiny in between washes.

Not only does she use this shampoo to keep her scalp and hair healthy and nourished, but she has also emphasized how important healthy skin is to her well-being and overall look.

Miranda Kerr insists that taking care of yourself will help when trying to achieve the style you’re looking for. Whether that’s just adding volume to your hair or trying something more ambitious, she believes that taking care of yourself is the key to maintaining a style that you’re happy with and makes you feel beautiful.


While there are a number of different tactics you can use at home to bring Miranda’s unique style to your own hairstyles, there is one route you can take to guarantee that you will be absolutely satisfied with your hair.

Do what Miranda did, and visit Danny Jelaca for your hairstyling needs. Whether it’s styling, haircuts, or color, you’ll be satisfied with how amazing your hair looks when you step out the door.

Visit us today in the South Beach area or via our website for more information about the services we can provide for you. Whether that be a cut, a coloring, or a styling, we’re your choice for your high-end hair care needs. Don’t wait until the last minute before an event to book your session with Danny Jelaca’s salon. We’re more than happy to schedule you for the best time and date that works for you.