Hair Loss? Danny Jelaca can help! Hair Facts: While rumors fly about the different "super powered" ways of making hair grow faster - Danny Jelaca keeps their feet on the ground and shares the truth about HAIR GROWTH.. Our solution to this universal problem? Regenerescence Naturelle A scalp...

Florida Stylist Magazine Showcases Danny Jelaca Salon Florida Stylist Magazine showcases Danny Jelaca Salon in their 2013 July Issue, calling the salon the "complete package" with posh interior, customer service, excellent location and maybe even a little champagne. Come stop by and check out our master stylist...

Ultimate Health and Age Bad to Rad - Quick Hair Fixes

No more bad hair days! We’ve all been there, dealing with the frustration of trying to fix our ‘dos only to feel like we made it worse. Here are some amazingly simple tricks for whipping that hair into shape so you can go out into the world well-coiffed.

Prevention Magazine Bad Hair Days Solved!

Prevention: From wayward bangs to lumpy ponytails, these genius fixes from stylist Danny Jelaca will rescue stubborn 'do dilemmas in a snap!
It only takes one pesky lump to ruin a polished pony. Before you put your hair up, brush with a 100% natural boar bristle brush with synthetic reinforcement, says celeb hair stylist and Miami Beach salon owner Danny Jelaca. Natural bristles absorb and distribute natural oils to help smooth bumps and fly-aways. Next, put your hair in a loose ponytail and insert a bobby pin in the base of the ponytail between the elastic and your head. Here’s the secret: Instead of tightening the elastic, twirl the ponytail itself. This tightens the ponytail to your head without making extra bumps. To secure your perfect pony, slide in another bobby pin so that the pins make an X. “If you try to pull the elastic too tight, the lumps will come back up,” Jelaca says.

Fun and Fearless Fashion for Summer Happenings

It’s summertime! Summer is a great time to hang out with your friends and family, head to the beach, BBQs, festivals, and more! Outdoor weddings are also popular during the summer. While these are fun times to be had, our hair doesn’t always cooperate under summer weather conditions. This is why celebrity hair stylist and Miami Beach salon owner Danny Jelaca gave us tips on what the best hairstyles are for each special summer occasion. Check out Danny Jelaca’s suggestions below!

Ulta Beauty Summer Hair Care

For fixing hair that has had too much fun, in 60 seconds to 20 minutes. Danny Jelaca gives step by step beauty tips of how to look your best with any time frame. Summer can leave you with dry, damaged hair. Sun, chlorine, salt water—even wind and air conditioning— all take a toll. Luckily, an arsenal of new products makes it easy to repair worn out, dull and dry hair. You don't need to spend an evening doing a deep conditioning mask (though do indulge if you have the time)—we have solutions that work on the fly and as you style. From cool tools to rich oils, read on to find out how pampering stressed strands can work into any schedule.

"Working as a stylist in Miami Beach for 20 years, Danny Jelaca was determined to bring the area a boutique salon with and intimate personality." I wanted to be able to control the experience: the music, the look, the feel and even the way it smells," he says. His namesake salon in South Miami turns his dreams into reality, combining a posh interior, excellent customer service, prime location and superior stylist. Opening shop in South Beach Pointe, Jelaca designed the space with an architect to emulate a delicate jewelry box. cove ceilings, crystal chandeliers, button tufted wall panels and porcelain floors to make for a cozy yet open atmosphere. To match the luxurious aesthetic, the salon is departmentalized so each stylist specializes in one area: color, styling and cuts, extensions and texture treatments. Jelaca also makes sure all of his staff of 10 are first-rate, including the five stylist who work the salon semi privet styling stations. "Everyone has something unique to offer; from the front desk and assistant, to the colorist and stylist," he says.