Ultimate Health and Age Bad to Rad – Quick Hair Fixes

Ultimate Health and Age Bad to Rad – Quick Hair Fixes

No more bad hair days! We’ve all been there, dealing with the frustration of trying to fix our ‘dos only to feel like we made it worse. Here are some amazingly simple tricks for whipping that hair into shape so you can go out into the world well-coiffed.

Lumpy Ponytail

It only takes one pesky lump to ruin a polished pony. Before you put your hair up, brush with a 100% natural boar bristle brush

with synthetic reinforcement, says celeb hair stylist and Miami Beach salon owner Danny Jelaca. Natural bristles absorb and distribute natural oils to help smooth bumps and flyaways. Next, put your hair in a loose ponytail and insert a bobby pin in the base of the ponytail between the elastic and your head. Here’s the secret: Instead of tightening the elastic, twirl the ponytail itself. This tightens the ponytail to your head without making extra bumps. To secure your perfect pony, slide in another bobby pin so that the pins make an X. “If you try to pull the elastic too tight, the lumps will come back up,” Jelaca says.

Bed Head-Induced Kink

Did your pillow ruin your blowout again? Start by spritzing the offending area with a small

amount of water, says Jelaca. Then, attach the direction nozzle to your blow dryer and, on medium heat, use a round brush as you dry. Position the brush underneath the kink and pull in quick downward motions, following the brush with your dryer.

Product Overload

It doesn’t take much to oversaturate your strands with product. To remove the greasy, weighed down texture, follow Jelaca’s easy fix: Apply a smoothing serum and blow dry with

a round brush. (The serum makes sweeping through the hair easier.) Position the brush underneath your hair, and spray some water on your tresses a few times as you dry. “The product overload will come off in the brush,” Jelaca explains.
A small water bottle is great tool to gently and lightly spritz difficult strands, no matter what your hair type. It’s small enough to slip into your purse so you can take it anywhere. At home, invest in a good quality hair dryer with a nozzle to aim a blast of heat just where you need it.

Unruly Bangs

They looked so cute when you left the salon, but your mornings have since turned into a wrestling match with your new fringe. “When bangs don’t cooperate, it’s because the root is

pushing them in different directions,” says Lisa Lobosco of Ecru New York. To tame a bang gone wild, wet your fingertips and rub at the root of the hair (not the entire bang). Then quickly re-blow the root into place by pointing the dryer at the angle at which you want your bangs to fall.

Out-Of-Control Curls

If your curls need a refresh by 5 pm, keep a spray bottle of water at your desk, says Diana Steven, NIOXIN Design Team Artist. Dampen hair with a few spritzes of water and apply a dime-sized amount of lightweight styling cream with conditioning agents. Once you apply to your hair, hands off, says Steven (we’re looking at you, scrunchers!) Touching the curls as they’re drying will only create more frizz.


There are two reasons your hair might be fraught with flyaways: static frizz and breakage. If you’re stuck with static, rub a dryer sheet along the top of your tresses. Dryer sheets are coated with a special lightweight wax that transfers to your hair and tames the cling. If they’re due to breakage—you’ll know because these smaller rogue strands can be very short and pop up usually along your part and hairline—reach for an old mascara brush or toothbrush. Clean it off with dish soap, spray with hairspray, and use it to slick back the

Offending Strands

Don’t let a bad hair day get you down when a simple fix is just around the corner. We have enough problems to deal with– hair shouldn’t be one of them. Lumps, bumps and static are officially a thing of the past!