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Danny Jeleca Salon
It’s easy to weather life’s challenges when you have good hair. If you want beautiful hair in Miami Beach or Coral Gables, you can get it from celebrity hairstylist Danny Jelaca. He has amassed a high-end clientele over his years of experience providing luxury hair highlights and hair extensions.


If you want to stay on top of the latest hair trends and have the best hair you could possibly have, visit the hair salon of Danny Jelaca. We provide free parking at our Miami, FL promises. Contact our hair salon now to get color correction, hair extension nails, balayage, hair color, haircuts, full highlights, and other beauty services for beautiful hair in Coral Gables.
Tousled Lob Haircut

Tousled hair has become a trend of late. To add to the mix, we now have crop cuts with longer locks. This is what we call a tousled lob haircut. If you want to get a fresh look, then we would suggest you try out this hairdo, as you simply cannot go wrong with this one. To get this haircut done in Miami, FL, by one of the best celebrity hairstylists and hairdressers, visit the hair salon of Danny Jelaca. He can create magic with any type of hair. Call us now to get a new and perfect look that everyone will notice.


Curtain Bangs and Shag Haircuts

Bangs evolve over time, but they never go out of style. 2022 has seen a shift in the way women are wearing bangs with a shag. If you’ve never tried bangs or have reservations about them, you can try clip-on bangs to gauge how you could look with the real deal. Visit the best hair salon in Miami to try out this hairstyle.


Wavy Cut With Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs work well with several kinds of hairstyles. The wavy cut is suitable for women of all ages. If you want your cheekbones to look more prominent, then face-framing bangs are perfect because they can make your face appear more elongated. 

You can also loosen the strands at the shoulders, which could complete your statement look. To get your hairstyling done by a celebrity stylist, contact Danny Jelaca. From the best coloring to hair highlights suitable for your skin tone, you can get your hair done at the salon in any way you like for your next special event. We also provide hair treatments and hair color. Contact the best hair salon to know more about styling art and stylists in Miami. 

Textured Haircut

A short bob cut is another hairstyle that has been on trend for a long time. To enhance the basic hairdo, you can get a texture look to the style. The hair can then be topped off with some tousling.


Why Should You Choose Danny Jelaca For Hair Styling?

Danny Jelaca is one of the most sought-after hair stylists in all of Miami, with a well-known clientele. His expansive media coverage is a testament to his hard work and expertise in styling all manner of clients. His impeccable technique and dedication to his clients has made him among the very best in the industry. For an excellent hairstyling experience, Danny Jelaca’s salon is the place to be. From haircut to color, highlights, and skincare, Danny’s salon can provide you with a full range of beauty services to make you feel your very best. 


Danny works with passion, which helps him live up to all the high expectations of his clients. For a luxury salon experience in Miami, the hair salon of Danny Jelaca is the ideal place to be. Enjoy the treatment using state-of-the-art equipment and professional products. All the artists working under Danny are professionals with years of industry experience. At our salon, you will be under the care of the very best. Visit our salon for the best beauty services, hair extensions, and balayage. Contact us to learn all the services we offer.
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Frequently Asked Questions

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How much do luxury hair and beauty services cost in Miami?

The products and devices used in providing high-quality hair services are all premium. If you’re about to visit a high-end hair salon, expect what is to come but every penny is worth the service. The exact cost depends on the kind of hair services you want to get. 





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How long does hair color last after hair coloring?

If you’ve gotten your hair done at a high-end hair salon that uses premium products for coloring, then you can expect the color to stay for 6-8 weeks with a few touch-ups. The color could stay even longer if you take good care of your hair and be careful about your hair washing and beauty habits.






Our salon is equipped with all the cutting-edge equipment needed to give our clients the very best hair treatments and hair color services. From scalp treatment to hair cutting services, contact Danny’s hair salon in Coral Gables, Miami.