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You can change your hair color to suit your mood without compromising quality if you’re getting it done at a professional salon. Some believe hair coloring is a harmful endeavor. That is only true if you’re using harmful products or are not maintaining your hair properly. Danny Jelaca is a professional hairstylist with a high-profile clientele in Miami.

If you’re struggling with damaged hair, or if you want to get ombré highlights or a single process color done on your hair using professional color techniques in Miami Beach, FL, he is the stylist to trust. His elite fanbase and high customer satisfaction are a testament to his brilliance as a stylist. Contact the hair salon to book appointments for a luxury haircut, hair color, hair highlights, hair treatments, styling, balayage, and more for your next special event in Miami.

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How To Prepare For a Hair Coloring?

Before you step into a professional salon to get your hair colored, it would be beneficial to prepare. Your job is to sit in a chair and let the stylist perform their magic, whether you want to lighten your hair or darken it. The salon uses a professional technique to apply the color and enhance your hair quality in Miracle Mile, Coral Gables.

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Don’t Wash Your Hair 24 Hours Before the Appointment

Your hair has some protective and natural oils, which can be washed off when you apply shampoo to it. While washing your hair regularly is important to keep it clean, refrain from applying shampoo or conditioner to your hair 24 hours before the visit to protect the natural oils. Otherwise, the chemicals present in the hair color could do excessive damage to the hair.

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Bring a Photo Reference

You can get your hair colored in any shade, provided that you have some references for the color. You simply can’t describe the color and expect the stylist to know what you want. If you have a color in mind, search the internet to find an image of it. With a photo close at hand, you can get the color you want. For a healthy highlight, schedule an appointment with Danny Jelaca’s hair salon in Miracle Mile, Coral Gables, FL.

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Be Prepared to Spend Some Time at the Salon

The last thing you should do before visiting a salon is set your expectations too high. You need to keep in mind that hair coloring is not a 10-minute job. It can only happen quickly if you want to conceal a few strands of white or gray hair. But if you want to go for a complete makeover, you have to spend a few hours in the salon. Additionally, make sure you’re prepared for the stylist to touch up your roots a bit. Danny Jelaca Salon will treat your hair just right. His salon will leave your hair shiny and vibrant. Schedule an appointment with him now to get started on your hair color in Miami. Call the hair salon today and book an appointment for professional beauty services, including balayage.

7 Techniques of Hair Coloring

Colors can be applied to the hair in several ways. Here are some of the most popular ones that stylists in Miami use:

  • Balayage service
  • Wet-Lights
  • Ombré highlights service
  • Hair Highlights service
    Lowlights services
  • Permanent color services
  • Reverse balayage

The method of applying the color in all of these techniques differs. Many factors are also considered while choosing the color for the hair and what the client prefers. Experienced hairstylists know what’s best for your hair.

If you want to get your hair colored by a celebrity stylist with an elite portfolio, Danny is the person for you. His salon will use the proper styling technique togive you the hair you’ve always dreamed of in Miami Beach.

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Why You Should Choose Danny Jelaca For Your Hair Coloring

Danny Jelaca is one of the most experienced hair stylists in Miami, which is proven by his high-profile clientele. He has received media coverage due to his extensive expertise and the quality of beauty services his salon provides in Miami, FL. If you want to get your hair done from a hair salon that caters to the needs of each individual and takes personal preference into account, then schedule an appointment with Danny Jelaca.

Frequently Asked Questions


How long does hair color last?

The longevity of your hair color depends upon the type and brand of the color you applied. If you’ve got permanent hair color, then it will stay that way until the roots grow. With touch-ups, you should expect the color to last about 6-8 weeks. In some cases, the hair dye could last about 4 to 6 months, but this range is susceptible to change based on a number of factors, including the environment and your hair-washing habits. Your hairstylist can give you some tips on how to maintain your hair color for a long time.

How does hair coloring work?

Hair coloring works by covering each strand of hair with the selected color, such as blonde, red, brunette, burgundy, and so on. It is applied by wrapping pieces of foil around locks of the hair. The color then penetrates into the hair, its cuticle, and the cortex. Once the coating is removed, the color remains. If you have coated your hair with permanent color, then the color will remain until new roots grow. However, temporary colors would wash out much quicker. Some non-temporary hair lasts about 24 washes, while some last only eight washes. You can choose the color based on its longevity by consulting your stylist.

What are the factors that affect how hair color works?

There are some factors that influence how the color you prefer appears on your hair. Hair type is the prime determinant. If you have coarse hair, the color will take more time to absorb. In the case of fine hair, the color is absorbed much quicker. You can take a strand test to know how much time the coloring would take on your hair.

Will coloring my hair damage it?

One of the most commonly asked questions about hair coloring is whether it can damage the hair. If you change your hair color too frequently, then you could damage your hair. It could also suffer damage if the wrong level of peroxide is used on the hair.

How long do I have to wait before re-coloring my hair with a different color?

It’s important to wait for the right time to color your hair again to avoid damage. The precise length of the waiting period depends on the quality and condition of your hair. If your hair was not damaged from the coloring the first time, then you could get it re-colored. But it’s important to speak to a stylist before getting it colored again.

For over two decades, Danny has been in business and providing elite haircuts. In all this time, he has not had one unsatisfied customer. For the best hair, beauty, styling, and spa services in Miami, FL, contact Danny Jeleca’s salon to get the best hair coloring in Miami Beach, FL.