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How to talk to a hairstylist?

Many people feel uneasy talking to their hair stylist about how they want their hair to look. It can be a bit intimidating to discuss what you’re looking for with your stylist. However, the solution to this problem is as simple as can be. You just need to know how to talk to your hairstylist about what you’re looking for and what hairstyles you’re avoiding.

Though it seems like tricky territory, learning how to talk to your hairstylist is easy. We’ll go over several tips and tricks to help you learn the right lingo to get you and your hairstylist on the same wavelength. Whether you want more layers, longer layers, more volume, a basic haircut, or a simple everyday style, you’ll learn how to talk to your hairstylist and achieve how you want your hair to look.

You’ll be feeling confident from the moment you walk into the hair salon, even if you’re working with a new hair stylist that you’ve never worked with before. You’ll learn how to make small talk while also discussing your personal hair problems, styling products, and exactly what you’re looking to achieve with your hair. After all, experienced hairstylist Danny Jelaca has one goal in mind and that is to make clients happy.

Bring in Visual References

The best way to ensure that you and your stylist are on the same page is to have a visual reference for what you want to achieve with your hair. This leaves little to no room for the stylist to misunderstand what you want as they have a reference right in front of them. Using visual references can also be useful if there is a specific style or aspect of a personal style that you’d like to avoid.

Always be prepared to suggest changes to certain elements if you’d like to change them and be as clear as possible about what you’d like done differently. This will help your stylist to understand exactly what you like and dislike about any references that you bring in to show them.

Research Your Stylist Before the Appointment

One of the best ways to make sure that you and a hairstylist will be a good match is to research them. See what areas they specialize in, what their typical clientele is, and what the usual cost of an appointment with them is. All of these elements can help you to determine if this particular hairstylist is the right one for you.

A surefire way to cause misunderstandings between the client and the hairstylist is if they are both expecting something different from the appointment. For example, if you’re looking for a shorter hairstyle, and your stylist typically specializes in longer hair, then there may be some misunderstanding about expectations. You might not know how to communicate about short hair in a way that makes sense to a stylist who deals with longer styles.

Doing research beforehand is a great way to know how to speak to your stylist in a way that makes sense to both of you. You can manage expectations while also learning the habits of your stylist.

Using the Right Terminology

While it’s tempting to use common terminology like “shorter” or “longer” when describing what you’d like for your haircut, these terms can be a little bit vague to a stylist. If you ask for your hair to be cut shorter then the stylist might do so in a way that doesn’t suit you. This can easily be avoided by talking to a stylist in a way that makes sense to them.

Instead of asking for your hair to be cut a little shorter, you should ask for a certain number of inches to be taken off. You can visually demonstrate to your stylist exactly where you’d like the cut to be made to avoid any miscommunication. This makes it easy for the stylist to know what you’re expecting and leads to you being happy with your new style.

Doing some research on terms that stylists use such as layering, texturizing, and razoring can help you understand what the stylist is doing to your hair and can help you to better communicate what you want from them. If you know what a certain technique does, then you can request that it be used or not used on your hair.

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Communicate During the Appointment

You might be worried about speaking up during your appointment out of fear of being annoying or micromanaging, but in reality, a good stylist wants you to speak up. While you should trust your stylist and not try to manage every move that they make, it is equally as important for you to speak up if something doesn’t look right. No stylist is perfect and is capable of making a mistake or misunderstanding what you want. What makes a good hairstylist is how they handle a mistake or misunderstanding.

Make sure that you also confirm with your stylist exactly what you’re looking for in your style before the scissors ever come close to your hair. Review the requests you’ve made and any changes that you might have asked for from the visual reference that you’ve brought in. This will further reduce the chances of any miscommunication between you and your stylist.

While it might make you a bit uneasy if your stylist isn’t a talker, remember that they are focusing on giving you the best look possible. They might be concentrating on how to achieve a certain goal that you’ve set out for them with your style and might need to focus on any requests you’ve made.

Communicating After the Appointment

Right after your appointment, you should ask your hairstylist about any potential maintenance or upkeep for your style, especially if you’ve gone for something drastically different than what you had before. Don’t be afraid to ask your hairstylist for styling tips for your new hairstyle so that you can achieve something close to a salon look every day.

Always remember that a stylist’s main goal is to ensure that their client is happy with their haircut. This is why it’s important to tell them if there are any issues with your cut. You can voice your concerns to your stylist after a few days have passed so that your opinions on your new look have been solidified. Most salons and stylists will even offer to make changes to your style if something doesn’t turn out like you expected.

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Now that you’ve got a helpful cheat sheet on how to communicate in a way that hairstylists understand and appreciate, you can relax from the second you enter the salon, when you sit down in the chair, and when the scissors finally start cutting. You have the tools to properly ask your hairdresser for exactly what you’re looking for without having to speak a thousand words to get your point across.

With this new toolkit that you’ve acquired, you should apply your knowledge with real stylists who know good hair and can help you create a hairstyle that works just right for you. You are ready to book an appointment with Danny Jelaca.

The stylists at Danny Jelaca Salon are skilled in all things hair and beauty. Whether you need styling or a full reinvention of your look, the team at Danny Jelaca Salon is ready and willing to listen to your desires and explain how they’ll achieve those goals to fit your lifestyle.

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